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Practices:  They are M-F once school starts.  All the players stay after school, and practice usually starts at about 3:30 with pre-practice and will conclude at 6:45PM.

Games:  Freshman will be on the JV team unless the coaches feel they are needed at V, and games are played Mondays at 3:45 or Saturdays at 10.  As the season goes on, those times will get moved up due to the lack of lights on the fields.  You will be notified about that, but keep in mind that sometimes the decision to move the game up doesn't happen until the day of the game.

Schedule:  The game schedule for each team is placed on each of the team pages.  From our home page, select team, then JV, then you can click on the schedule.  If you do this from your phone, there is an options button on the upper right hand that you can utilize that will allow you to import the schedule into your calendar. Any changes made, or additions made, to the schedule will then be in your phone for you.  The super offical schedule is located on the CIAC sports website, and there is a tab to that on our home page.

Volunteering:  The parents of freshman (and sophomores) are always sought after to help work the concession stand during varsity home games.  Typically freshman do not play Varsity, and this allows for the parents of players actually on the field to enjoy watching their kids play the game from the stands.  SIgn-ups for concession stand volunteers (there will be 4-6 needed at a time, depending on the game) will be put up online sometime next week.  

In addition to concessions, though, there are TONS of other needs.  We need people to help with the homecoming game, and with senior day, by being part of the committee that helps decide on what to do, put decorations up (nothing crazy), get them down, etc.  These opportunities will be available for sign up via the volunteer tab on the website by the end of camp days

Also on that tab are the opportunities to help with pasta dinners (all dinner are served in the AHS cafe). All you do is show up, and scoop pasta out to the boys as they come down the line, hungry and smelling like death warmed over from practice.  Its a great way to get to know the kids, the coaches, and each other.  Or, yu can choose to make a dessert--the more the better. That dessert table is MAULED like you wouldn't believe every, single time! If you can, I'd recommend doing it!   You can sign up online via the volunteer tab for all of these things.

Tailgating: Is fun.  Haha.  Ok, tailgates happen for every varsity game in the circular parking lot near the steps that lead down to the field. Everybody is invited--just bring something to share, and then stay for the game.  Chuck Gill runs them, and he brings a grill, and there is always a ton of food. They usually start about a hour and a half before game time.  Most of the kids want to come to the games to watch even if they are not playing, so you'll likely be around anyway--please stop by.  It can be a little awkward going up to a group of people you don't know too well, I know, but just know that you are invited! 

The Game Itself:  New to the game, or just need to know how it works?  This a great little read: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/football-for-dummies-usa-edition-cheat-sheet.html.  :-)

Friday Night Lights:  All of you should go, and bring your friends.  Seriously, this a fun night, and all of the evening's proceeds goes directly to the football program.  If you have yet to get your RSVP in, now is the time!  There's going to be a music, excellent food, a cash bar, and the raffle of course (everything from parking spots on game day to golf packages)!  

FalconGear:  This is all the clothing you might want for yourself or your player.  New things are only being sold online, and orders need to be in by 9/4/17 .  Once your order is in, you should have it in time for game 3 on the Varsity schedule. 

Playing "UP":  There is a chance that your player could be asked to dress and play for V.  If that happens for your player, awesome!  They will be expected to play in both the V and JV teams.  This could be on a regular basis, every now and again...totally depends on the the coaches and what they think they need in order to do the best against a certain opponent.  It is rare for a F player to play varsity--the size difference alone between a freshman and senior makes that nearly impossible.  That said, it can happen.  The only times freshman will be allowed on the V sideline is if they are asked to dress, and that means they will be playing.  There will also be a few asked to come and be either ball boys, or water boys, and several will be needed to help set the field up on game day.  Your player will let you know if he has been selected for any particular game for either of those roles.

Scrimmages:  The entire program goes to the scrimmages, F-V.  This is the schedule for this season's pre-season scrimmages.  Arrival times for all three are TBD, but will be announced once known