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Student-Athlete Mentoring Program



Many of us can reflect on people that have come into our lives, with more experience than ourselves, which have taught us something, offered pointers, pointed us in the right direction, challenged us, introduced us to new people or just wanted us to excel to make the team better.

The Falcon Strength Mentoring Program is an exchange of knowledge between our senior (gained through personal experiences as a Falcon Football Student Athlete) and new freshmen. It is designed to build individual relationships between experienced student-athletes and freshmen striving to succeed at their transition to AHS academically, socially and athletically. 

Goals and Objectives:

Assist freshman in their transition to AHS football,  the transition to high school from middle school academically, and fostering a “we are family” philosophy as the freshmen become acquainted with the rigors of high school.  Through a strong mentoring program we can assist in providing a positive transition to high school.

Our Senior Mentors will offer the following:

Mentoring Process:

The process requires a high level of communication between Mentor and Mentee. The process provides an opportunity to enhance natural skills and build strengths in weaker areas. Mentoring takes many forms. It can be formal, informal, planned or spontaneous.

Being a Mentor:

Seniors Falcon Football players, your role as a mentor is a mix of friend and teacher. The relationships developed with your freshmen mentee will become channels for the passage of information, advice, challenges, opportunities, and support, with the ultimate goals of facilitating achievement, having fun and ensuring that their transition experience is a positive one.


How do you accomplish this goal?


There are many mentoring styles as there are personality types, and no one can be everything to one person. Each freshman mentee benefits from the relationship you are responsible for building. The challenge and fun of mentoring is developing your own personal style for sharing the special strengths and skills you have to offer.


Mentors will begin their mentoring once assigned a mentee. For some this will be the start of summer conditioning and for others it may not be until practice starts in the fall. Mentoring will continue through the first semester (or beyond if the mentor/mentee wants to continue the relationship).

Being a Mentee:

The most successful freshman mentees are those who are motivated and willing to reach out to their senior mentor for advice and guidance. They take responsibility for their development in the weight room, on the field and most importantly in the classroom.

The specific responsibilities of the mentee in the mentor/mentee relationship are to:

  • Meet with the mentor on a regular basis;
  • Participate as an active listener when receiving feedback;
  • Keep the coaches informed of the mentoring relationship or lack thereof; and
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for guidance, the mentor has been in your shoes and may have experienced the same issues.

All mentors and mentees will be able to turn to the AHS Coaching staff for advice during the mentoring process. We understand that our mentors are also young men who need mentoring from those of us with more experience as well.