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Website: www.teambuildr.com

Teambuilder Support: https://support.teambuildr.com/home

How to Setup your athletes profile.  (<---- Click to access)

How to setup on the iphone or tablet.  (<---- Click to access)

To gain access, after the coach sends the required easy join code, go to the website and click on the easy join code button. Fill in the required information.

Then once access is gained, you can log on and follow the above videos to set up your athlete.

Teambuildr is an online work out tracking program that FALCON Strength has decided to utilize this offseason. It allows all of the coaches to track each players progression through the strength program. 

This page is to allow the parents and players to get acquainted with some of the programs features, as well as provide links to teambuildrs key FAQ pages.

The app can be downloaded to your players Iphone (smartphone) or tablet. They can then load a team calendar that has all of the work out plans for each day:



When a player clicks on ADD of a core lift, it provides the player with the data needed to perform the lift at the percentage required for the phase of the program we are currently in (we have three phases: base, strength and power). It tells them the number of reps as well as the weight needed to be lifted based on the phase's %):



When a player clicks ADD on a non-core lift, it brings up a box where they need to enter the weight they lifted. The need to select a weight that allows them to reach the required number of reps, with struggle on the last few reps:



The app allows for tracking of their one rep max lifts for each core lift (great tool for us coaches). The app also automatically updated their potential max if they decide to lift more than the % recommended for a particular phase. Thus, when they go to do that lift again, the weight will be automatically adjusted to accommodate their strength gains:



There are many cool features that your player can explore. WE WANT ALL OF OUR PLAYERS TO TRACK THEIR CORE LIFTS THROUGH THIS APP. IT IS A TOOL THAT IS INVALUABLE TO THE STRENGTH COACHES. It allows us to help the player when they appear to reach plateaus.