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Our training programs encompass all aspects of speed, agility, conditioning, strength, flexibility, and injury prevention with an emphasis on proper technique and safety. Our programs are centered around functional, free weight exercises such as Bench Press, Power(Hang) Clean, Squats and Dead Lifts. These exercises are ideal for simulating the physiological rigors of athletic competition.


This page is provided as a resource and learning tool for our Falcon Football Players. Proper form and technique is vital in order to ensure safe muscular development and minimize injury.

The following links will open a pop up window  that provides muscle information, photos, a video and description of the exercise. 


Main Lifts

Bench Press                               Incline Bench Press


Front Squat (cross over grip)                                 Front Squat (clean grip)


Back Squat                                 Romanian Dead Lift


Hang Clean                                 Standing Shoulder Press


Power Clean                               Hex Bar Deadlift




Complimentary Lifts

E-Z Bar Curls                       Alternating Dumbbell Curls


Walking Lunge                                          Forward Step Lunge  


Lat Pulldown                        Barbell Shoulder Shrugs


DB Shoulder Press               DB Bench Press    


Tricep Pushdowns                DB Tricep Extensions   


Bent Over Barbell Row         High Pull


Push Press                            Skull Crushers


Hammer Curls                       DB Rows 


Lunge Jumps                         Box Jumps


Seated DB Shoulder Press    DB Flys


Front Raises                          Lateral Raises